Grace + Levi Wedding | Indianapolis wedding photography

Some of the images magically created on their Indianapolis wedding recently …taken by some lucky soul of  indianapolis wedding photographer


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Grace + Levi tied the knot for another beautiful wedding at indianapolis. An Indianapolis wedding photographer took these wedding shots …that was actually me …:)

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JON + ERIN | Indianapolis wedding | Video – film making

this is my first attempt to shoot wedding video …try something different. The wedding was at downtown indianapolis – I think it was at the Penn Sanctuary …it was my second time to shoot there. Gorgeous, beautiful place …rustic, very artsy …kind of my place …Erin +Jon is amazing …knew this couple from another indianapolis wedding photographer …The Siner Photography run by husband and wife. Thank you for Nathan Siner for allowing me to tag along.

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7 years in 5 minutes

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A friend of mine whom I met recently in Netherlands mentioned that she liked the previous website because it has a touching music and the selection of images that were on it ….I have been thinking about it to incorporate music into this website but I could not do it ….

so I think how about make a new slideshow with music on it and put it on YouTube …I went ahead and spent about 6 hours putting together about 85 images that resonates with me. It is hard to do this as there were many images that I have to go through and I could only use my selective memory plus trying to go one by one on each of the couple folders.

I could not help myself but chose Alexi Murdoch song called ‘Blue Mind’ …I love many of his songs but this particular song has many layers that I find it tickling my senses the most …the lyrics is simple yet deep in some sense …the music is folksy as a typical Alexi’s music that has a haunting quality and slowly creeps in to your deepest senses …it forces me to contemplate about what life is all about, it soars up my imagination to a new height, provokes my musical instinct …not many artist has this kind of grandiose ability …the song has a mistical quality for me …it reminds me eloquently and effortlessly what we are here for in this world

These people has changed how I view the world …or to put it more precise …has helped me to let go some of my false ideas that runs into my brain circuitry ….yes …these slideshow is for them …for all the people that I have worked with the past 7 years … Thank you for letting me to be part of the experience …it has brought me into tears and joy in the process of putting together this unforgettable moments … LOVE and Enjoy …:)

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Contemporary wedding with beautiful flowers

Add a Modern Twist to White Weddings
Make your wedding more contemporary with beautiful flowers

For centuries, the color white had been the go-to for weddings. White weddings are traditional, and while they’re named so for the color of the dress the bride is wearing, most of the elements of the wedding are also white, and it’s not uncommon to see a white wedding cake, white décor, and bouquets of white flowers. But weddings weren’t always white, and it seems that they won’t stay white for long.

It was thanks to Queen Victoria that we developed this tradition of having a white wedding. When she wed Prince Albert in 1840, she sparked a trend by wearing a white satin dress, as opposed to the silver and metallic dresses of the era. Before then, brides would simply wear whatever nicest dress they had in their closets. Wedding dresses were any color, from blue, to woody greens, and deep yellows, but before Queen Victoria’s statement dress, the most popular color had been black.

White weddings will always be a beautiful affair, but modern weddings are also quickly stealing the spotlight. A report published on USA Today claims that many brides are now ditching the elements of a traditional wedding and making their own ceremonies a more unique affair. “Weddings these days are much ado about nothing — as in nothing traditional, nothing classic, nothing orthodox. Think neon-colored cakes. Two-piece wedding gowns or pantsuits. Hashtags on invitations so guests can tweet the wedding.”

Granted, you probably wouldn’t want to have a multicolored cake or a rock band playing at your wedding, but you can still make things more modern by selecting a different color palette. Even if you want to keep the classic white wedding gown, go beyond the traditional white and off-white shades for your décor. There are so many possibilities, especially when it comes to your floral arrangements.

There are many different kinds of flowers to choose from, all ranging in color from bright neons to subtle pastels. There’s no reason to fear mixing and matching for your weddings. Simon Richards, floral product developer with M&S, reassures brides that a color combination that they like probably works, even if you don’t have any professional experience. He offers some advice though, “Two simple rules are to either combine tonal shades of one colour or choose vibrant clashes such as cerise, purple and yellow. I do not mix red and white as this can look harsh.”

Using flowers of different colors isn’t just a great way to add life to your wedding ceremony, but also a way to make sure that all eyes are on you as you walk down the aisle. A brightly colored bouquet compliments a stunning white gown beautifully, and the bridesmaids will surely be waiting eagerly for the bouquet toss at the end of the ceremony.

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This in one of my favorite portrait of Lacey + Todd, I think i used sepia color tone for this. The grainy effect makes it even more tasteful, what do you think?

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A beautiful sunset wedding by Erie lake at Oregon – Ohio. Congrats Lacey and Todd, you guys are beautiful together!

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Thao and Tony were so amazing on their wedding day. Full of joy and smiles, could not ask for more. This is where I got a chance to shoot a first Vietnamese wedding ceremony, it reminds me of my brother’s wedding back in San Diego and my childhood too. I grew up with a similar culture from theirs as I am partly Chinese. Enjoy …

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Had the opportunity to witness Thao + Tony wedding last week in Fort Wayne, IN. It was an honored to see a Vietnamese wedding ceremony firsthand. Tony was just full of smile and Thao was just beautiful and easy to work with. We went to one of the beautiful park in downtown FortWayne, and when i see trees I could not have enough of them. So, this is what we got. Thank you guys!



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These are some links from the previous weddings i did, all of these used to be in the previous website:

Abbi + Luke Wedding

Albert + Grace Engagement

more coming soon…





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