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Astrophotography with Samsung NX 1

This is my first attempt for astrophotography, taken from El Paso, TX and some of them taken at Anthony Gap – I think it was near Las Cruses, New Mexico.

It was not an ideal condition to take astrophotography, because it was not pitch black and every 10-15 seconds I could see cars passing by. I was just parking my car at the side of the road and it was pretty scary what if those trucks did not see me and just hit me 🙂

There was no cloud at all, but there is a little moon (1/10 of the moon – very young moon) on the sky and waited till the moon was setting against the horizon.

I tried to use the google sky map but at the end i just pointed my lens towards the most number of stars and less light polution in the sky …I use manual setting on the samsung nx 1. I think it was 1600-3200 for the iso, 15-20 seconds for the speed, wide open aperture at f 2.0. I used the full manual Rokinon 12 mm f 2.0.

I just wished I had one of those motorised slider, so i could take one of those jaw dropping time-lapse video of astrophotography 🙂



astrophotography ... anthony gap, new mexico

astrophotography … anthony gap, new mexico

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Mini cooper with Samsung NX1


Just trying this amazing camera today with a friend of mine …I used the Samsung pancake lens ..30mm f2.0


The site was about 5 minutes drive from my house … It was really chilly …about 30 degrees … We managed to get about 10 minutes of sun and the rest was just cloud and overcast. I could not even got a chance to use a reflector because there is nothing to reflect to …:)


Jay was using the Nikon d700 with sigma 35mm 1.4 while I was using my new baby … Samsung nx1 … Love the handling of this camera.


I used the tilt oled display a lot since I was taking shots from low angle most of the time. The feeling was just like using my Nikon SLR camera without the heavy lifting … Nice 🙂


The Samsung nx1 was very responsive most of the time with the quick AF. The EVF was set to auto and I was using my finger with a tilting oled screen to pin point the focus point …it was quick and pleasant to use this amazing well implemented technology.


Although there are a couple of times where the EVF sensor would make the oled display off as I was trying to ‘touch AF’ the screen.


Apparently the EVF sensor thought that my finger was my eye approaching the EVF. This brief shooting encounter with Samsung NX1 makes it a real treat experience …I just wished the sun had stayed a little longer. Jay just could not stand the chilliness of the weather we had to go.

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how to find your purpose in this world

The number 1 question in the world to ask ourselves …, but what if we ask the wrong question?

that question is an indication that we are restless to find the thing that make us not restless once we find it. But there is no such thing in this world or is there?

from the bible it says that our heart is restless until our hearts rest in HIM. This statement beg an understanding that finding a purpose is more like a state of being rather than finding something that we are looking for.

A state of being that is, our state of being at this moment is still restless. so how do we go from restless to restfull. The answer is to seek refuge in HIM.

To seek refuge in HIM, i think we have to let go of our ego or attachment. I learnt this from my favorite spiritual leader Anthony De Mello. Our attachment to anything comes from our belief of childhood, friends, parents, teacher or even religious leader and of course our own culture.

The only way to do this, i believe is to drop our belief or by substraction instead of addition. Some of the life coaches that I encountered says to put a positive thoughts to get rid of or to stay away from negative thoughts. I think that is an error because of a simple reason.

And the reason is this: When we are born we are one with LOVE, universe, God or whatever you want to call it. At that point of time we don’t have any programming/belief either positive nor negative. So, that’s it! no positive thoughts and no negative thoughts just pure LOVE. So, they way to LOVE for us as an adult with this attachment, belief is to drop that belief instead of replacing it with something else!

what do you think?

addendum: if you are interested to follow my personal reflections I put them on this site:

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parent vs kid decision

I read the blog on Anne Slamskowski about making room for God, about parent and kid decision. I got me thinking how do i differentiate the 2 categories, so it could help me with parenting skills.

It struck me that it has to be science based approach, this is because i truly believe that science is for the common good of people. To be honest I am still also learning how to draw between these 2 lines? In the case of me it has been trial and error, i tend to make my kids make decision but an informed one. Still sometimes i think it does not work.

Sometimes it does work after a few times trial and error.

This is what i think a general guideline of how to differentiate the 2:

– tell them about the consequences of the action that they are going to take. This means tell them about what is the likelihood going to happen in the future if you do a certain action. This is not easy because I don’t want to instill fear while doing this, in fact is quite the opposite i want to instill inspiration but that is hard to do! Because normally what happens when we ‘say’ NO to people, there is not much  inspiration on there.

This is where science comes handy to explain what will happen in the future if we do certain things. This is because science is about natural facts and not about our opinion (that manytimes could be biased).  in doing this we also make ourselves think hard of what we are going to say and also make our kids think about the facts that are being presented in front of them.

That’s before the decision is make.

and while the decision is actually being applied, I always tell them to listen to their body. But again sometimes it’s hard to do this because sometimes they are not sensitive to their body.



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