Grace + Levi Wedding | Indianapolis wedding photography

Some of the images magically created on their Indianapolis wedding recently …taken by some lucky soul of  indianapolis wedding photographer


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Indianapolis Family Portrait session with the Cavanagh

cavanagh collage1

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Grace + Levi tied the knot for another beautiful wedding at indianapolis. An Indianapolis wedding photographer took these wedding shots …that was actually me …:)

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JON + ERIN | Indianapolis wedding | Video – film making

this is my first attempt to shoot wedding video …try something different. The wedding was at downtown indianapolis – I think it was at the Penn Sanctuary …it was my second time to shoot there. Gorgeous, beautiful place …rustic, very artsy …kind of my place …Erin +Jon is amazing …knew this couple from another indianapolis wedding photographer …The Siner Photography run by husband and wife. Thank you for Nathan Siner for allowing me to tag along.

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Astrophotography with Samsung NX 1

This is my first attempt for astrophotography, taken from El Paso, TX and some of them taken at Anthony Gap – I think it was near Las Cruses, New Mexico.

It was not an ideal condition to take astrophotography, because it was not pitch black and every 10-15 seconds I could see cars passing by. I was just parking my car at the side of the road and it was pretty scary what if those trucks did not see me and just hit me 🙂

There was no cloud at all, but there is a little moon (1/10 of the moon – very young moon) on the sky and waited till the moon was setting against the horizon.

I tried to use the google sky map but at the end i just pointed my lens towards the most number of stars and less light polution in the sky …I use manual setting on the samsung nx 1. I think it was 1600-3200 for the iso, 15-20 seconds for the speed, wide open aperture at f 2.0. I used the full manual Rokinon 12 mm f 2.0.

I just wished I had one of those motorised slider, so i could take one of those jaw dropping time-lapse video of astrophotography 🙂



astrophotography ... anthony gap, new mexico

astrophotography … anthony gap, new mexico

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