Danny started taking photographs when he was an 11 year old in Indonesia, using a second hand Mamiya film camera. Back then he had to take hundreds of images, develop them and then ultimately find out only several of them have good exposures. Fast forward 25 years later, he decided to take a plunge into wedding photography in a more photojournalistic style. Danny likes his images to be true, meaningful and out of the ordinary. He likes to combine nature, spontaneous moment, with unusual perspectives, props and lighting to achieve the final images that he aspires too.  
After earned several international photography awards from WPJA and AGWPJA (an international wedding photojournalist association), in 2007 Danny earned one of the top 40 wedding photographer/photojournalist from WPJA. You could see some of the images that won those awards in this site. Till this day, Danny still learns how to keep his eye, mind and heart fresh to create exciting new images.