get ready in painterly effect taken from Millie + Rommel wedding. My eyes are always drawn to reflection, I guess it has a dreamy and painterly effect on me.
the ghost in the ceremony
model fashion photography
the laughter in the field
love those confetti rain, i like very much this image, it is just so complete. it's a traditional photojournalism image from a wedding. It was an indianapolis wedding and held in a backward of the groom parent's house.  I was assisted with a fellow photographer who has a background in photojournalism, so i was honored since i don't have any formal education in photojournalism.  The expression of the bride and groom, the hand gestures, the flower confetti, the audience and the environment surrounding. It was a perfect moment to be captured in a camera.  also the composition and the angle which i took this image. Love it :)
the gaze of the bride
indianapolis photographer
the moment after 2 hours shot
the infra-red tree, i was just so fascinated by this tree on this image. how the lights hit the tree was magical. My eye is always drawn in to some nature and beautiful lighting combination. and I had an idea to put the couple around this amazing imagery. It works. The couple was very easy to work with, I had this couple through a referal of a fellow photographer too. Again it was an honor and acknowledgement of my talent to get this couple. we shot a couple to at the reception site since it was a amazing reception site. The bride just full of life and willing to cooperate fully with the creative process. I have a plenty of time to develop my imagery which is quite rare during the wedding. Normally i have to do in a hurry matter. at the end of the day we went out to take a night pictures just outside the reception site to take advantage of the majestic facade and exterior of the building.
the flower and the bride
model fashion photography
the sunset i have been waiting for
the ceremony release, indianapolis wedding photographer, the wedding was about 3-4 years ago. the couple was coming from California. The groom was a musician and the bride (Kelsey) was a photographer studying in Santa Barbara California major in photography. I was really thrilled and honor to capture their wedding day. It was an acknowledgement of my talent and skill. The couple was very easy to work with and we had an amazing experience together. they rent a old english taxi for the getaway car. I was riding with them going from the wedding ceremony site to the reception. we stop a couple of times at the predetermined place to take some awesome images. Definetely one of the easiest couple to work with in my photography career.
surreal love
waiting in the barn
the hug
pumpkin kiss, love this image, I was trying to use the pumpkins of the frame for the couple. The sunset helps a lot to set the mood and the hand gesture, body language of the couple just make this image works together as a contemplation image. I love to create this kind of image, where i don't have any clue of what to expect and just play around and somehow found this amazing image.
the bride + father having final moment,Wonderful couple, beautiful wedding, exquisite place = a photographer's heaven  This is the shot I have been anticipating for every wedding ceremony. A few seconds before the bride walks down the aisle, the father had this moment with his daughter. This is the first wedding ceremony for the Dad, so it must have been very precious for him. I got lucky because of the lighting and the fact there were 2 bridesmaid still waiting by the door. I wanted to include the bridesmaid in order to tell more about the story. I took a squat position for this shot and compose in such a way that the 4 objects (bride, father, 2 bridesmaid) were in kind of diagonal line and took the shot.  it's wonderful indianapolis wedding photography experience
the jump romance, i think this is an untraditional portrait, but it is very effective. It shows the two character of the couple, especially the man. it shows really the guy could jump!
the wedding cake
the wedding theatrical
the sunset romance
the look of the bride, of looks could kill this is it. I always amuse everytime i see this image. What a playful character from the bride and groom. The wedding was held at  the beautiful Indiana historical society
model fashion shoot
this is laurieanne and simon wedding, held in bloomington, indiana. I guest you could still call it indianapolis wedding. I really like to capitalize on the sunset, because it is just so beautiful. The lighting, the warm tone, the way it make people feel.  I think why my images works well it is because i like to use natural setting as much as possible and this brings a total relaxation to the couple. this naturally with make the couple relax and be themselves and that's when the magic moments come.  So, i always jealous with those photographer that get to travel to exotic places, because i know those exotic environment really helps to create a mood and plus the backdrop that will greatly foster the amazing creative process during the  photo shoot.
international award winning photojournalist
it was held in indianapolis, so it is considered indianapolis wedding photography. One of the most memorable indianapolis wedding I ever shoot. It was magical. It was a tossed between this wedding and Becky and Ryan wedding. Both were indianapolis wedding, both were unique, magical and backyard wedding.  Lauren and Aram were so into the moment together. Aram was just inspiring, a person with true character and personality. Who would play soccer with his bride before the ceremony starts, who would walk bare foot during the ceremony and who could do bare-chested soccer game with his bride. It was just those unique and out of this world wedding experience for me. In a way is more like a spirituality-for me because there were many a-ha moment.  one word - amazing!
the moon, the wild flower and the romance, love this image, it is a poetic image for me. it is also different because i am using the foreground as an interesting part of the image instead of the usual background. i also love the sun as the background and creating the couple sillhoutte adds more mystery and drama to the image itself.
waving goodbye after the ceremony
model fashion photography
the hug of joy, one of the first few memorable indianapolis backyard wedding I ever shot, The couple is just amazing. Jenny is so full of life, again I wonder till know how I have learnt a lot from my client about the beauty of life.
that blissful moment after the ceremony. This couple is also full of life and knows deeply about what most important in this life. another amazing journey through the lens. this wedding was in downtown indianapolis.
the playful look between lauren + aram tells everything about their character. this is why i love wedding photojournalism. I guess i envy them to be able to display such raw emotion to the public.
model fashion photography
the architecture and the bride+groom
the final thoughts before the ceremony, i wonder what she is thinking of, such a poignant moment and classic in a wedding. This is what's the reward of being always with the bride especially during those time when the wedding ceremony was about to start. You just have to wait, observe and the magical moments come. The wedding ceremony was in bloomington, indiana about 40 miles south west of indianapolis. I think ;)  The father of the groom is a professor teaches at the IU bloomington, indiana. The couple was from New York, and she was also an actress and co-starred in one of the Christopher walken's movie. The groom was a videographer and he is Brit.  They are both very expressive and full of life, learnt o lot from them. Simple wedding but full of beautiful moments.
the exquisite indian bride
the torch, the bride and the groom, Jahna + Matthew is one of the most extraordinary person I ever met. It humbles me to take their wedding, The beauty, the simplicity and raw emotions just overwhelm me. This wedding is taken at the backward of Jahna's Aunt house in Indianapolis.
model shoot photography
bride + Groom and the universe
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